The vision of the Metropolitan Hospital founders was to establish an innovative hospital, directly linked to people and life, with the fundamental aim to offer top quality healthcare services, not as a luxury, but as the need and right of every patient. The result has far surpassed the founders’ expectations.

True to its vision, Metropolitan Hospital constantly upgrades its services, aspiring to ensure better health and better quality of life for all.

V. Theocharakis, Chairman, PERSEUS Healthcare SA:

PERSEUS Group acknowledges the fact that the healthcare sector is a source of concern for everyone.

However, we are not swayed by one-dimensional perceptions consigning medical practitioners to the margins and concentrating primarily on administrative and financial criteria and incentives.

We were the first to recognize private healthcare not as a privilege of the few, but as a necessity and a right for the majority, so we have created the proper conditions to secure access for all.

D. Spyridis, CEO and General Manager, PERSEUS Healthcare SA:

The citizens’ role in the healthcare sector, either as consumers of healthcare services or as patients, is rapidly changing.

The citizens are no longer considered passive recipients of medical decisions, but well-informed partners in the treatment process.

Medical science offers them a plethora of high-tech diagnostic options, innovative treatment methods and information that requires difficult decisions.

These decisions affect their quality of life, their wider family and society in general.

As health professionals, we are called upon to handle these decisions with prudence, seriousness, and responsibility.

We keep up to date with the developments in the healthcare sector and we strive daily to incorporate them in our hospital’s way of life, in an ethical and sensitive manner.

Due to our positive contribution to the healthcare sector, Metropolitan Hospital has quickly managed to become a point of reference. This response drives us to keep improving and develop our services even further.