Metropolitan Hospital: Experienced and Accredited as the First European Hospital with a Certificate of Excellence in Medical Tourism

Metropolitan Hospital is the No. 1 hospital in Greece in Medical Tourism services. Around 20% of our admissions are international patients. We accept all major European and US insurance companies and we have direct billing contracts with most of them.

The hospital boasts a sophisticated, contemporary computer system, with potential interactive online communication, both for doctors and patients.

International patients can enjoy an array of amenities within their rooms, such as access to a wide range of foreign television programs. All rooms also have private bathrooms.

In terms of meals, they may choose between Greek flavors and international cuisine. A team of experienced dietitians plan the daily menus based on the dietary needs and preferences of each patient. All meals are prepared and cooked on site.


Certification for Medical Tourism Services

Metropolitan Hospital entered the International Medical Tourism Market, after being certified by the TEMOS Medical Tourism Services Certification Organization.

The TEMOS certification system was established in 2006 as a result of the consolidation of international principles on quality care, and the demands on the part of insurance companies and Medical Tourism stakeholders in general. The system aims at optimizing the management of international patients in hospitals worldwide.

The TEMOS system is guided by a committee of world leaders in the field of healthcare. This Committee continuously updates and revises the related standards so that patient safety can be safeguarded and promoted. The healthcare organizations certified by this system meet the requirements of international insurance companies and their associates.


After the appropriate infrastructure was designed and completed, we focused on the human resources of the hospital. At a time when a competitive edge is formed by the ability to employ the right people for the right job, we focused our efforts on attracting the best health professionals through systems and processes based on individual merit.

Metropolitan Hospital is proud of its medical and administrative staff. Our doctors cover all medical specialties, and are internationally acclaimed, highly qualified and experienced. They follow the most advanced medical quality control guidelines worldwide and receive constant professional training in Greece and abroad. They also capitalize on the hospital’s scientific partnerships with distinguished medical institutions in Europe and the USA. Our nursing staff are also fully trained and experienced, offering an impeccable level of services, as well as information and support every day.


Metropolitan Hospital in Athens is the architectural result of several months of study, in order to create the ideal hospital setting. The interior combines functionality and maximum patient comfort. Most of the rooms have a sea view, a personal TV set, access to satellite TV, and WiFi internet access.

By applying the “home in hospital” principle, we extend the family environment of the patient to the hospital, with the aim of improving their mental condition and accelerating the recovery process. Combining highly functional patient beds with the latest technology provides patients with better autonomy and comfort. Patients can control almost everything in their room via a remote control.

Patient may also choose their own meals, based on their personal preferences as well as their doctor’s orders.