The members of the Metropolitan Hospital Scientific Committee are listed below:

S. Apergis, Associate Director – Surgeon

I. Boutsikakis, Internal Medicine Clinic Director

E. Chalari, Anesthesiology Department Director

G. Chatzidimitriou, Blood Bank Director

K. Chatzistavrou, Associate Professor of Pulmonology, University of Athens – Pulmonology Clinic Director

K. Delis, Gastroenterology Clinic Director

S. Giakoumakis, Administrative Director – Urology Clinic Director

E. Kapantais, Diabetes & Obesity Department Director

G. Makos, Cardiac Surgery Clinic Director

E. Oikonomou-Stamataki, Internal Medicine Clinic Director

D. Pantazopoulos, Associate Professor of Urology, University of Athens – Urology Clinic Director

K. Petraki, Clinical Pathology Lab Director

D. Rologis, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurosurgical Clinic Director – Scientific Committee Chairman