Greece has entered the robotic era in Orthopedic Surgery. This technology is already successfully implemented in some of the largest hospitals (approx. 180) in the USA, as well as in Italy and Germany. The Management of Metropolitan Hospital has reaffirmed its dedication to offering top-level healthcare services by installing the Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System (RIO®), unique in Greece. The RIO® can be used to perform minimally invasive and highly accurate procedures on the knee and hip.
Using the innovative MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing robotic technique, a large part (over 50%) of the patients who must undergo total knee arthroplasty can avoid it by opting for a less extensive and more effective procedure. This technique only replaces the damaged part of the articular cartilage and not the whole joint, as is the case with total arthroplasty. This restores the knee joint and offers natural movement, as well as faster and painless return to everyday activities.